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Hilda Romero Zepeda
Hilda Romero Zepeda
Universidad Autonoma de Queretaro

Dr Romero-Zepeda is one of the academic collaborators to establish the Three Nations Consortium Mex-USA-Can (2006-2011) on Bioethics and public policy for science, and also the three nations Consortium for the Caribbean Research Ethics Education Initiative CREEI (2013-2018) between Clarkson University (USA), Saint George University (Grenada) and Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro (Mexico). Her interests of research has allow her to establish and execute different intervention programs on chronic degenerative diseases and public health programs for both urban and rural indigenous communities, and its participation in processes of mainstreaming institutional curriculum for the equity of gender and eradication of violence towards vulnerable groups. Nowadays she is working on intervention programs for community development and sustainability but from the ethics perspective for technology and biotechnology transferences to indigenous and marginal rural communities. Dr Romero-Zepeda coordinates the Master Degree Program on Applied Ethics and Bioethics, interdisciplinary studies in applied ethics and bioethics. She is the co-organizer and speaker at the international certificate in applied ethics and bioethics (2007 – 2016) and for the International Diplomado CREEI. She is the compiler in five interdisciplinary research and applied ethics books, co-author in 14 chapters of books, 8 indexed articles by invitation; Director or 11 joint Bachelor's, master's and doctoral thesis advisor; 6 projects of research and bonding in joint in health public, development sustainable, bioethics and gender

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